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Becca Lane

One Lane Studios 

      If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see some of the most adorable and personable paintings of animals around Dover, New Hampshire then you’ve probably been fortunate enough to see the work of artist, Becca Lane, owner of One Lane Studios. Becca’s art has a distinct feel and look to it that can brighten up even the worst of days. She started focusing on art seriously in 8th grade when life got difficult, the way life tends to do sometimes. Becca would spend entire days drawing often times up to 16 hours a day to cope with things happening beyond her control. Drawing became her every day, and by the time it was time to apply for colleges, she had an extensive and extremely impressive portfolio that would land her a spot at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. Since starting her own business, her passion for art has only grown. 

      Becca primarily uses acrylic paint on canvas and prefers this medium because acrylic dries quickly, allowing her to layer more colors and detail her paintings immensely. Occasionally she prefers to paint on birchwood panels, especially if she is creating mini art so that smaller details are clearer without the distraction of an enlarged canvas texture when translating the work into larger prints. Regardless of the surface, Becca has the talent that makes her paintings come to life. While her art has evolved since the 8th grade, the concepts behind each piece she creates has stayed consistent. Becca’s lighthearted animal portraits came about as a response to her longstanding body of work that focuses on destigmatizing mental health and illness. These cute and contemporary paintings contrast those heavier topics with bright colors and themes of childlike innocence and joy. So much of her inspiration comes from her pets and different animals in roles you typically would not see them in. She has fostered over 40 different cats and refers to them as her studio assistants. As a 90’s baby, Becca also incorporates themes and attributes from this decade into her characters. Becca said, “I love the idea of spreading joy and how people fall in love with a particular character—that has been the craziest and coolest experience.” When each character is finished, it is then given a name based on their personality and what fits them, as if one were naming a child. 

      “Starting my own business and to actually be doing it is wild,” Becca said about how successful she has been with her experiences with One Lane Studios so far. Something that she has carried with her throughout her career so far is making it a goal to prove herself wrong, and not in the traditional sense, but instead proving wrong the feelings of self-doubt or the “I can’t do this” thoughts. Becca makes it a point to push these types of limiting and doubtful beliefs away to grow not only as an artist but also as a person. Today, her art is sold locally and internationally to over 11 countries including New Zealand, France, Germany, Norway and more. 

      When it comes to inspiring others, Becca wants others to know that pursuing your dreams is possible. She said, “I’d love for people to know that having an art business is possible, and that it is very much a super lucrative career.” Becca also said, “One of the greatest pieces of advice I’d give to anyone starting their own business, art or otherwise, is that you need to value yourself first and foremost in order for others to value you as well. And if you can remain authentic to yourself, consistent in sharing your passion, and continue to work hard at what you love, your community is going to find you!”

      While Becca is obviously passionate about her art, she says the best thing it gives back to her is the sense of community surrounding her. She said, “My proudest accomplishment in my career is seeing the community of wonderful and kind people that has built around my work, which feels bigger than the work itself. I love the feelings of connection and community I’ve felt through sharing this work.” If you are interested in purchasing some of Becca’s amazing work you can find hand-painted prints of cards, stickers, and framed acrylic paintings of characters like B-Nan, T-Can, Phil, Stella, Jolene, Marj, Shrimpy, and of course, Darla, stop by Erin Claire in downtown Dover, or shop online at One Lane Studios can be found on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook at @OneLaneStudios as well. 

Illustrated White Cats
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