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      In today’s world, trying to navigate through life post-pandemic can be difficult. It seems as though most of us are guilty of taking on too much and pushing ourselves and our own personal needs aside. Maria Meyer, herbalist and creator of Orendala, has always been interested in nature and aromatherapy and makes it a point to slow down to make space to just be, which is something we all should learn how to do. Orendala is the unique combination of two words with two different meanings on their own. The first half of the word, “Orenda'' originates from the North American Iroquois, and is the energy that affects change in the natural world and one's own life. "Ala,” from the Ibo tribe of Nigeria, is the goddess of earth. Together, the word means virtue and the true nature of life on planet Earth, which Maria fully incorporates into her company and all of her products. 

      Maria recognized her passion for aromatherapy in the early 90’s. She was watching a stick of incense burning, the smoke twirling upwards, when the idea came to her. “I’m big on concept so I wanted to come up with something unique,” Maria said. 

      After moving from Connecticut to New Hampshire in 2015, Maria wanted to take her passion for aromatherapy further. She started an herbalism apprenticeship in Lee, New Hampshire and graduated from that program where she won the student and teacher award. As her support grew, so did her garden and her creativity. “It just changed my life forever, there’s so much to know,” Maria said about her experience with the program.

      Incredible amounts of research go into herbalism and Maria is constantly consulting things she finds inspiration in. “I try to go for walks to clear my head and sometimes I even dream about ideas. My brain is always on so it just comes to me.” The products she makes reflect this creative process and the deeper meaning of connecting to oneself. She often takes time to incorporate different practices within her life such as meditation, and believes that sometimes, the best way to take care of yourself is to make it a special event. To further enhance a self care evening,

      Maria has Serenity Kits available online that come with a trio of different products: herbal tea, an herbal bath mix, and an herbal roller bottle that is an aromatic experience to use on various pressure points of the body which relieves stress and tension and calms the nerves.

       “They make great gifts, herbalism is booming right now.” And what better way to practice self care than winding down after a busy week, relaxing in a hot bath with a cup of tea that makes you feel content and happy. Maria also creates lip and body balms, body butter lotion bars, 100% organic face cream, along with signature essential oil blends, diffuser bracelets, and herbal tea that facilitates healing. All of her products are made as sustainable as possible and some even come in biodegradable packaging. 

      “It takes strength to be gentle and kind. We need to remember that–if we could, imagine where we’d be.” If you’re looking to relax or know of someone who needs to put themselves first, even just for an evening, Maria sells her products at Erin Claire, a wonderful boutique in downtown Dover, or online at

Maria Meyer
Owner and Herbalist of Orendala
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