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Spark and Twig

      Wendi Alip, the owner of the unique and inventive small business, Spark and Twig, has always been drawn to several types of art. Wendi is often able to see the potential of what things can be, instead of just what they appear to be. It started in college when she would explore abandoned factories in Akron, finding old rusty bits of metal that she would later fashion together with cord and leather. She often saw potential in what those kind of pieces could be turned into. This is something that followed her throughout her life.  

      In her late 20’s, Wendi moved to Chicago, Illinois where she worked as a decorative painter and later, a fine art painter. This allowed her to create more depth to her work in numerous ways. Although Wendi was interested in painting at the time, the curiosity she had about metalsmithing was a reoccurring interest, yet she never found the right opportunity to further that interest in Chicago. However, about five years ago, Wendi and her family moved from Chicago to New Hampshire. She immediately found an opportunity to learn and practice the art of metalsmithing with a fantastic woman who had studied the craft for over 30 years, Alice Carroll. Alip said, “Everything came together at the right time.” Wendi was able to go to the studio once a week to learn the basics of metalsmithing and how to use the necessary tools from Alice who guided her and taught her that mistakes were allowed, and still goes once or twice a month today. 

      Today, Wendi runs her successful business and sells her jewelry mostly through Dover’s remarkable boutique, Erin Claire, where her jewelry is often sought after and purchased often. Wendi’s inspiration comes from an array of things but often notices jewelry people wear and notes the materials, construction, and how it hangs and moves. She has always enjoyed the aesthetic of well-made and balanced vintage jewelry.

      Inspiration is also found through the designs, techniques, shapes, and textures of ancient Egyptian and traditional artisan processes. Wendi’s products are handmade with high quality materials that are not only well-balanced and comfortable to wear, but also unique and desirable. She believes that handmade things should be accessible to everybody, and her main wish when she creates her art, is that her work becomes someone’s favorite piece to wear.      

      “My work is always evolving, and it is comfortable, wearable, and completely hand fabricated because there is something special about something that is fully made by hand," Alip said. Her pieces are not only tremendous, but they are also sustainable. In an ever changing world, Wendi makes it apparent to use all sustainable methods and domestically sourced material purchased from other small family-owned businesses, which is so important to her.     

       If you are looking for your next favorite pair of earrings, or are interested in purchasing one of Wendi’s other remarkable pieces, please visit Erin Claire in Dover, New Hampshire, or browse online at

Wendi Alip

Owner and artist of Spark and Twig

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